Sales outsourcing

How it works?

Existing relationships

We have a number of already established relationships with customers - you don't start “from scratch“.

  • Preliminary feedback
  • Provision of product interest
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Basic market research

Don't create a product if you don't know who you're creating it for. With us, you will understand which customers are most important to you and, above all, you will find out how much space is on the market. As part of the start-up package, we will prepare introductory market research for you.

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Feedback collection

Feedback is the key to any product and for startups, and software and hardware in general! You get feedback from your new, existing and potential customers in real-time.

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Acquiring new customers

Nothing is more difficult than addressing new contacts, finding the right decision-makers in the customer's company and presenting the product to usually very busy people. We solve all this for you.

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Basic user support

Don't waste your time handling elementary queries from customers (e.g. where they find a particular button). You will only deal with technical problems and the rest will reach you in the form of feedback.

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A long-term relationship with customers

The relationship with the customer never ends when the deal is closed. The customer expects the product to be further developed and the cooperation to be deepen as much as possible. Our sales representatives listen to the customer's needs and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

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Initial cash flow

The first sales will start the initial cash flow of your newly emerging project. You will be able to innovate faster and invest where needed.

Price list

New productProduct on the market
Starter pack   from 29.000 CZKindividually
Cooperation   from 10.000 CZK / mo.
Commission for closed dealby agreement
Expert consultations beyond the usual services individually
Other services:
  • Linking with experts
  • Shared to-do list
  • Shared analysis and customer information

Fields of specialization

Manufacturing and industry

Engineering, automotive and other industrial companies.


E-shops and other websites that allow online payments.

Salespeople and consultants

Salespeople, consultants, financial advisors and others who care for their clients.


Restaurants, bistros, pubs, catering companies…

Do you do business in another field? Write to us, we will come up with something.

Contact us

We will consult your individual needs and send you more detailed information.

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