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Expand to Czechia easily

We best know the Czech market and our local distribution network is here for your needs.

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Our services

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Sales team

  • A functioning sales team with an optimized price vs. performance ratio.
  • Expertise - we assign salespeople according to the field.
  • You don't waste time looking for, training and leading sales representatives or teams.
  • You pay commissions only for closed deals.

Fields of specialization

Manufacturing and industry

Engineering, automotive and other industrial companies.


E-shops and other websites that allow online payments.

Salespeople and consultants

Salespeople, consultants, financial advisors and others who care for their clients.


Restaurants, bistros, pubs, catering companies…

Do you do business in another field? Write to us, we will come up with something.

About Us

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Why we do it?

More than 90% of startups fail in the first 2 years of their existence, and our estimates say that up to 70% of those who failed could be helped to succeed by quick feedback from real customers. We understand that the founders are overwhelmed by their product development and for the rest “there is no time“.

Our challenges are:

  • Fair dealing and win-win business
  • Higher rate of innovation
  • Higher market diversity

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Miloš Havlíček
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